When you still find yourself in need of funding after you have tried all options or scholastic loans, consider applying for a Zorganics Scholarship.  Dedicated to the truly passionate and excellence, the Zorganics Scholarship can help bridge the gap between the financing and your future!Find below the requirements and pertinent information regarding the Zorganics Scholarship.

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To aid students currently enrolled in Zorganics Institute achieve their financial assist goals and obligations.

A Living Memory

ZORGANICS Scholarship seeks to acquire funding not only through normal sources, but also through future alumni.  To seek one’s dreams is an important thing, but to enable others is one of the founding tenets of Zorganics Institute.  To that end, all who acquire funding through the Zorganics Scholarship take on a lifelong oath.

The Promise

To always be excellent.

To never forget the start of your quest for Beauty.

To never forget to enable those around you to grow and prosper as well.

To pay back borrowed funds eventually, and to help enable future beauticians as well.

To always strive for highest qualities in goods and services.

To never forget those who helped you along the way.


Please contact an administrator or a representative in the Financial  office  during regular business hours for details.


Basic Requirements

  • The student must have successfully completed the first phase of their course.

  • They must maintain at least 80% successful academic rate.

  • They must have achieved at least 90% attendance rate.

  • The student is enrolled full-time and has yet to fully complete their course.

There is no guarantee that all who apply will gain the Zorganics Scholarship.  The Scholarship is given out on a per need basis, as available.


NCEA accredited            NACCAS status

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