• Zorganics Institute is the only educational system that exclusively uses Zorganics® products, made with the finest locally-sourced, organic, and natural ingredients

  • Zorganics Institute offers a unique opportunity for students to not only acquire experience and licensing in the beauty industry, but have the opportunity to obtain employment at Zorganics Spa and Salon centers.

  • One of the largest scholastic centers dedicated to the beauty industry in Whatcom County

  • An Ayurveda, healthy mindset towards beauty and the industry at large

  • Student fashion shows provide the opportunity to exercise creativity in photography, hair, makeup, fashion design, teamwork, and community awareness

  • Our student salon offers free services to ALL cancer patients.

  • Gain the skills and experience to go from student to instructor with the Zorganics Institute curriculum and have the opportunity to become an instructor at our institute 

  • Friendly and dedicated team to support staff and every student to be successful

  • Flexible schedule to help balance student's life while attending school


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NCEA accredited            NACCAS status

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