The Art of Advanced Skin Care

From hands on courses to individual training, we want to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, and to help empower and reveal the beauty in all you work with.  Statistics show (according to the Bureau of Labor), the Esthetician field is growing from 20-40% a year.  This is a truly attractive field that is in high demand, and gives you the opportunity to acquire clients and recommend wonderful skin care regiments that will keep them young, beautiful, and with healthy skin.


A ZORGANCS Institute education will go far beyond the basics, from hands-on training, business classes, and editorial work, students will not only be prepared but will be inspired.  The students will also learn the ZORGANICS skin care products, treatments, and makeup.  


  • Laser, light frequency, radio frequency, ultrasound, and hydra facial, microdermabrasion, microcurrent,

  • Medium depth chemical peels.

  • Advanced client assessment, documentation, and indications/contraindications.

  • Pretreatment and Post-treatment procedures.

  • Lymphatic drainage and advanced facial massage.

  • Advanced diseases and disorders of the skin.

  • Advanced theories in alternative, touch, and spa body treatments.

  • Theory in the practice of esthetics services, business practices and basic human anatomy and physiology.

  • Care of the skin compresses, massage, facials, wraps, masks, exfoliation, uses of electrical or mechanical appliances or chemical compounds.

  • Temporary removal of superfluous hair of the skin by means including tweezing, waxing , chemicals, lotions, creams, mechanical or electrical apparatus and Latest technology equipments.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of individual workstations, individual equipment and tools and proper use and storage of linens.

  • Advance skin diseases and disorders.

  • Safety including proper use and storage of chemicals, implements and electrical appliances.

  • First aid as it relates to esthetics.

  • Not all training will be on mannequins.

  • Zorganics Institute also incorporates salon and spa business principles into all courses.

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