Massage Therapy

The Art of Healing and Health through Touch

Back Massage

Graduate in 6.5 months

Description: This course will train students in fundamental therapeutic  massage techniques. 


 Objective: To prepare students for an entry level position in the therapeutic massage field    performing therapeutic massage services normally offered in the profession. 


Instructional Method: Lectures, demonstrations, and lab work. Training will include a combination of live models and mannequins. 

Relaxing Massage

750 hours

Our continued education program evolves with the trends of the industry to carry you throughout your career.  Continue your education to stretch mind, body and spirit.

Come learn with our trained instructors and gain the necessary knowledge and experience to unlock stress and strain from muscle and tissue. Through our innovative holistic curriculum, the student will acquire hands-on experience and the technical skill to become truly professional massage therapy.

Core Curriculum

  • Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, and Pathology.

  • Massage theory and practice (750 hours - includes Swedish and deep tissue techniques;
    remedial gymnastics; four (4 ) hours for
    AIDS training; and four (4) hours for CPR training).

  • Transmission and Infection Control.

  • Testing and Counseling.

  • Clinical Manifestations and Treatment.

  • Legal and Technical Issues.

  • Psychosocial Issues.

  • Student Clinic.

  • Clinical/Business Practice which includes hygiene,
    medical terminology and record keeping, professional
    ethics, human behavior, client interaction, business
    management and state and local laws as well as other
    topics related to massage therapy.

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