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Hair Design

The Art of Hair design 

 Graduates in 11 months   Clock hours 1400





The Hair Design program consist of 1400 hours.  The first half of the program will cover theory lectures, instructor guided hands-on training, interactive exercises, and demonstration through special events. The second half of the program will be applying your skills to the general public in the student salon

Hair design  is an exciting and rewarding career, a way to express your passion for hair care, skin care, and  Make up.  Upon completion of the hours and passing the final exams you will receive a certificate and be prepared to apply for the Washington state board examination.

Clock Hours:1400


PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: To prepare students to an entry level position in the salon field performing all cosmetology services normally offered in the profession 

Upon completion of the course requirements, the determined graduate will be able to:

  • Project a positive attitude and a sense of personal integrity and self-confidence.

  • Practice proper grooming, poise, and effective communication skills.

  • Understand employer/employee relationships and respect the need to deliver worthy service for value received.

  • Perform the basic analytical and manipulative skills applicable to the program of study.

  • Apply the theory, technical information and related matter to assure sound judgments, decisions, and procedures

DESCRIPTION: This course will train students in cutting, styling, and chemical processing of the hair,  and hair additions. Lectures, demonstrations, and lab work. Training will include a combination of live models and mannequins.The Hair design course consists of various topics and subjects related to the theoretical and practical (hands on) aspects of the care and beautification of the hair, skin and nails. Topics and/or subjects are designed to assist the future professional with a basic understanding of a wide variety of knowledge areas in the field. To ensure continued career success, the graduate will continue to learn new and current information related to  techniques, trends, fashions, and methods for career development in Hair Design and related fields.  

PROGRAM LENGTH: 1400 hours Intended time to complete a Cosmetologist program attending full time is 11 months.

Theory/Practical Hours by Subject:

Theory Hours

Practical Hours

A Review of the Course/Program of which the trainee is intending to teach



Course development and teaching methodology: Choices in teaching methods, classroom setup, lesson plan development, teaching aid development, presentation techniques, materials and supplies, as well as Topic and Subject Matters 

75 / 75

525 /25

Principles of teaching and learning: lecture – oral and written, demonstration, project methods, discussions and questions and answer, alternative methods, and student assessment 



Application and Practice: classroom management, clinic supervision, client/guest relations, academic advising, written and practical assessment, and communication skills 



Business Practice (professional development, personal development, professional ethics, effective communication and human relations, record keeping and management, licensing and regulatory requirements and regulations, compensation packages and 100 payroll deductions and fundamentals in business management) as well as other topics related to instructors. 





25 / 25

Total Hours: 




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