Benefits for Zorganics Institute graduates. 

where can you go with Zorganics institute?  The possibilities are expansive.

*Become a Business Owner

* Become a Global Educator

*Become a School Director

*Become a Editorial Stylist

*Become a Medical Spa Director

*Become a Style consultant

*Become a Physician Assistance

* Become a EstheticianMaster/Esthetician

*Become a Massage Therapist

* Become an Instructor

*Become Manicurist/ Barber


As a Zorganics Institute graduate, you will be connected to on going learning and growth.

  • Advanced skin care training Lasers, IPL, Ultrasound therapies

  • Advanced hair cut and coloring training

  • Hair Extensions, Braids and hair pieces addition

  • Eye Lash Extension training

Career Services

Zorganics Institute has a network of salons and spas in the area looking forwards to Zorganics Institute graduates including  the net work of Zorganics salons and spas and retail stores and the Institute

can help begin your career. 

Thoughts on Zorganics Institute Education.

'The principles of Zorganics Institute is based on a holistic approach. We believe in inspiring you to integrate health, beauty and wellness with your passion, creativity and business excellence into your life"


                                                                               -Frida Emalange

                                                       Executive Director, Zorganics Institute

" Hiring students from Zorganics Institute is much easier on me as owner because I don't have to spend an extra time, and energy training  them on the Zorganics Institute methodology , they  are much more ahead.  They start already knowing the product knowledge and the Zorganics Institute signature Salon and Spa services.

                                                                                                                        - Frida Emalange

                                                                                                                      president of Zorganics Cosmetics

                                                                                                                       Owner of Salon/ Spa 

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