Core Curriculum

  • Hygiene, grooming and personal development.

  • Bacteriology, sterilization and sanitation.

  • Tools, equipment, and implements (identification and

  • Hair cutting, hair tapering (clipper-cuts), razor cutting,
    hair styling, curling thermal waving, finger waving, roller
    setting, pin curl placement, blow-drying, shampooing,
    scalp and hair treatments, conditioning, reconditioning,
    hair analysis, care of hair pieces, wigs and wefts.

  • Shaving, beard and mustache shaping, trimming,
    men’s facial,  and basic principles of

  • Anatomy and physiology of the hair, skin, nails and
    disorders of the hair, skin, scalp and nails.

  • Product Knowledge, product use and sales, preparing
    and consulting with customers for services.

  • Laws, rules, professional ethics and history of barbering.

  • Individual student needs, industry trends and electives,
    i.e. – record keeping, mathematics, communications,
    human relations, public relations, first aid, and guest educators.


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