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Graduate in 4 months

 Description:  This advanced course will train students and graduates in skin care with an emphasis on advanced facials, Laser, IPL, makeup application, and waxing. In addition, it will provide instruction and Master- level training. 

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450 hours

A ZORGANCS Institute education will go far beyond the basics, from hands-on training, business classes, and editorial work, students will not only be prepared but will be inspired.  The students will also learn the ZORGANICS skin care products, treatments, and makeup.  

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Zorganics Institute advanced esthetics program is offered exclusively to currently licensed estheticians who wish to become Master Estheticians in the state of Washington. This program focuses on advanced techniques including IPL and Laser treatments, medium depth peels, lymphatic drainage massage, aromatherapy, procedures in pre- and -post treatment in a medical environment, body treatment and energy work.

Our Advanced Esthetics Program at Zorganics Institute is taught using the following methods such as lectures and workbooks, demonstrations, written assignments, discussions, questions and answers, projects activities, field trips...


PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: To prepare students for an advanced, master esthetician position in the salon spa field performing all master esthetician services normally offered in the profession.

 Upon completion of the course requirements, the determined graduate will be able to:

  • Project a positive attitude and a sense of personal integrity and self-confidence.

  • Practice proper grooming, poise, and effective communication skills.

  • Understand employer/employee relationships and respect the need to deliver worthy service for value received.

  • Perform the basic analytical and manipulative skills applicable to the program of study.

  • Apply the theory, technical information and related matter to assure sound judgments, decisions, and procedures

DESCRIPTION: This advanced esthetics program at Zorganics Institute  will train students and graduates in skin care with an emphasis on advanced skin care services, work with facials machines, lasers, IPL, hair removal ultrasounds, photo rejuvenation, body therapies, micro needling, LDM and make up.. In addition, it will provide instruction and master- level training. Lectures, demonstrations, and lab work. Training will include a combination of live models and mannequins. The advanced esthetics course consists of various topics and subjects related to the theoretical and practical (hands on) aspects of the care and beautification of the skin, including advanced techniques as may be needed in a semi-medical and other advanced skilled environment within the field. Topics and/or subjects are designed to assist the future professional with a basic understanding of a wide variety of knowledge areas in the field. Because trends and tools within the field are constantly changing, ZORGANICS Institute updates the course content and the teaching methods to address those trends.  

PROGRAM LENGTH: 450 clock hours. Intended time to complete the Advanced esthetics program attending full time in  4 months. 


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SOC CODE:12.0404                                         OCCUPATION: Master Esthetician



Orientation, State Laws and Regulations, First Aid, Safety, School Policies and Procedures, Professional  and Personal Development, Anatomy and Physiology, Sciences of the skin, and Business Practices

Bacteriology, Decontamination, Infection Control, Diseases and Disorders, Safety and Sanitation Health, Public Sanitation, Disinfection Methods, Chemical Agents, Types, Classifications, Bacterial  Growth, Biology, Infections, Infection Control, Products, Tools, Equipment Use and Safety, Disorders and  Diseases of the Skin...


TEACHING METHODS: The Advanced Esthetics Program is taught using a variety of methods including  lecture, demonstrations, written assignments, discussion, question and answer, projects and field trips. 

GRADING: Students are assigned theory study and a minimum number of practical experiences. Theory is  evaluated after each chapter of study. Practical assignments are evaluated as completed. Practical skills are  evaluated according to the text or taught procedures and performance standards established by the state  licensing agency and set forth in the practical skills evaluation criteria. Students must maintain a theory grade  average of 76% and pass a final written and practical exam to graduate. Students must make up failed or  missed tests and incomplete assignments. 


The costs listed below are estimated figures of the total cost of attendance which does not include expenses outside of tuition and fees.

Advanced Esthetics   

450 Clock Hours



Materials & Supplies:




Orientation Fee:



          Payment plan available:

          Private loans


Advanced Esthetics  450 hours

Theory/ Practical

Orientation - State Laws and Regulations, First Aid, Safety, School Policies and Procedures . Theory in the practice of Master Esthetics, including lasers, light frequency, radio frequency, ultrasound and IPL  safety and sanitation -45     

Medium-depth chemical peels -65  

Advanced  client assessment, Consultation/ Skin Analysis/ Indications and Contraindications-75         

Pre-treatment and post-treatment procedures -95

Medical Terminology and Documentation-50  

Advanced skin science-65

Advanced Facial Massage/ Body Treatments/ Complementary  Therapies -55

Total Hours -450