ZORGNICS Institute’s mission is to provide the education, skills and experience for the students to become successful in their field of expertise. By providing each student with a comprehensive, holistic education alongside post – graduate counseling, ZORGANICS Institute strives  to provide opportunity for employment and advancement in the beauty industry

ZORGANICS Institute obtained its school license on  September 13, 2018 from the Department  of Licensing  and October 1, 2018  from WORK FORCE BOARD and opened its doors on November 14, 2018 on  Beautiful Bakerview  Square in  Bellingham, Washington. The Institute graduated  100 %  of it's  first  Esthetican class  in June 2019;

and its first Cosmetologist class in December 2019. The school awards Certifaction to its graduates. 

The  founder, Frida Emalange has over 18 years in the beauty and wellness industry. She  has owned serveral Zorganics salons and spas over the years.  When Ms. Emalange found out  that  there was no beauty school in Bellingham,  She took a plunge in 2017 to become an instructor in preparation of opening the ZORGANICS Institute.

ZORGANICS Institute has a spacious 7000 square feet  and  its located at 410 West Baker view road. Suite 112 Bellingham Washington offerring programs in  Barber, Cosmetologist,  Esthetician, Master Esthetican, Massage Therapy, Manicurist, Instructor​ and other advanced classes.

 Emalange is currently the Institute director and primary  educator.  ZORGANICS Insitute is on the Eligible Provider list Accredited by WORK FORCE BOARD.   www.wtb.wa.gov.  and in National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Science Status.

ZORGANICS Institute uses  ZORGANICS products exclusively. The products are natural and the skin care is made with certified organic ingredients. The Institute offers a unique opportunity to students to study and learn about the beauty industry  above the licensing requirements in a holistic based on Ayurveda whole-body beauty and healthy mindset way that will continue to serve them and their  future clients.  Graduates may continue within ZORGANICS institute company or gain employment with physicians  or start their own businesses. There are various opportunities in reputable salons and day spas in the area. 

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NCEA accredited            NACCAS status

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